The Jubal Show surprises English Evan with DJ Tiesto!

The Jubal Show surprises English Evan with a Zoom call with DJ Tiesto!
The very first American game show where a British guy is asked questions and a weird German dance intro! Gets a new first with DJ Tiesto!

English Evan has been a fan of Tiesto's for a LONG time. So Jubal Fresh and Alex Fresh put him to the test with a special edition of Beat The Brit! English Evan is tasked with answer questions from Tiesto's personal life! That's a lot of pressure when you are sitting right in front of your idol!

After the round of Beat The Brit Jubal Fresh then PLAYS one of English Evans's beats for DJ Tiesto to critique! Thankfully for English, Evan Tiesto liked it! It reminded him of a song he had done for a movie!

DJ Tiesto has a new song out called "The Business" go check it out!

Watch the whole interview and game below!