New Fashion Trend: Clear Shorts for Men

Now wait just one damn minute before you start spewing your judgement. I would totally wear something like this on a night out. Obviously, clear clothing is meant to make a statement but if you got a little something going on and you're feeling a little cheeky (pun) then why not?

It looks like clear is the new black! See the shorts right here.

You've got to work with what you've got, especially if you're single & looking and if you look good in them why not treat other night-lifers to a little snack. I image Lizzo would totally approve and I do too! Lesssss go!!!

Joey C

Joey C

Howdy, It's me! Joey C. from El Paso, Tx! I wrote a book in kindergarten called "Someday" about the things I would do in my future and the first page says "Someday I'll be on the radio" basically, radio chose me. Read more


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