Ever Wanted to Poop Glitter? You Can!

If you've ever wanted to poop glitter, now you can! A UK based company is letting customers purchase pills so that "you can make your toilet really shine!" LOL. WHAT?! Why would anyone want to do this? A co-worker said she would be willing to try it to hopefully get her daughter to potty train! Also, not sure this is safe for kids but the company says Acacia Gum is used and that it's totally safe. I might try it but just for sh*ts & giggles.....ha...ha...ha...get it?

Joey C

Joey C

Howdy, It's me! Joey C. from El Paso, Tx! I wrote a book in kindergarten called "Someday" about the things I would do in my future and the first page says "Someday I'll be on the radio"...so basically, radio chose me. Read more


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