People (Me) Wearing Headphones to Avoid Interacting with Others

This study shows that about half of people wearing headphones in public do it just to avoid having to talk to other people. I definitely can't take care of a workout without headphones but I'm also that guy for sure; I wear headphones to the mall to avoid conversations with anyone trying to sell me things I don't need. Remember when going to the mall used to be fun? An Event? All the mall does now is give me anxiety!

P.S. Same study says that 23% of people wear headphones as a fashion accessory! What?!

Joey C

Joey C

Howdy, It's me! Joey C. from El Paso, Tx! I wrote a book in kindergarten called "Someday" about the things I would do in my future and the first page says "Someday I'll be on the radio" basically, radio chose me. Read more


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