Pill Makes Your Farts Smell Like Flowers

If you're worried about first date bubble-guts or an embarrassing work episode a French inventor is selling pills that are said to change the smell of your farts! Wait,....what? Scents include Ginger and Christmas chocolate. Yes, there's a seasonal collection...

A few questions: Why are there food scents?

Is this product organic? You can in fact stay annoyingly organic because only all natural ingredients are used!

Lastly, why would anybody want to go from farts that are nasty to tasty?! #SOS

Make your farts smell like roses here.

Joey C

Joey C

Howdy, It's me! Joey C. from El Paso, Tx! I wrote a book in kindergarten called "Someday" about the things I would do in my future and the first page says "Someday I'll be on the radio"...so basically, radio chose me. Read more


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