NF's New Song Features Fan Who Inspired Him to Release It

Can you imagine your favorite artist asking you to be part of their new song...and being asked BECAUSE YOU INSPIRED THEM TO FINISH THE SONG?! That's what happened to Mikayla Sippel, who you can hear singing in NF's new song, "Chasing"

In an Instagram post, NF shared a clip of a song, saying "this is one of those songs that may never see the light of day..." He later said in a comment on the the same post that he's been working on a new album "and then all this Covid stuff happened and I need more time but also wanna give you guys something to hold you over"

The song clip inspired Mikayla do a cover, which lead to this!

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Mikayla has been getting some, much deserved, attention! Check her out @mikaylasippel

Listen to the full version of "Chasing" below

Photo: Getty