Dunkaroos Are Making a Comeback!

Ready for some childhood nostalgia?

Do you remember Dunkaroos?? If not, let this little trip back to 1995 refresh your memory.


Basically, Dunkaroos were the greatest snack ever for kids that grew up in the 90s. A cookie that you can dip into frosting? YES. PLEASE.

Sadly, they discontinued in 2012, although I feel like people stopped eating them years even before that.

But good news, 90s kids...THEY'RE BACK!!!

Dunkaroos created an Instagram account last week with a cryptic but delicious-looking post of what I would assume is birthday cake frosting.


And then, today, they confirmed the news we've all been waiting for.


At least, they will be this summer.


I cannot wait!!

Jake B

Jake B

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