Woman tried setting boyfriend on FIRE for not celebrating new job at Subway

There's a 46-year-old woman named Kathy Jones from Avondale, Arizona. And last week, she got a new job at SUBWAY.

She had a few Smirnoff Ices and other drinks to celebrate, and then she asked her boyfriend Jason Davis to celebrate with her. He said no.

So . . . she sprayed him with LIGHTER FLUID and threw lit matches at him to try to set him on fire.

He ran outside to get away from her while the cops came, and she was arrested for aggravated assault and criminal damage.

Jason says it scared him, but he's planning to stay with Kathy.

There's no word whether Subway is still planning to give her the job. Maybe they'll be flattered she was THAT excited about working for them? 

(AZ Family/NBC 4 - Tucson)

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