Addison Rae's New Song 'Obsessed' is... Okay

2020 Billboard Music Awards - Show

2020 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Addison Rae is the latest Tik Tok star to release music (no one asked for). Jk that was mean but let me explain.

We already knew she wanted to make money outside of dancing on Tik Tok since she's starring in the She's All That remake called He's All That. Now, bad bleep Addison Rae is trying to make another bag with music. She surprised everyone today with her debut single "Obsessed" and its video.

It feels so meh. Benny Blanco produced "Obsessed" and has a writer credit with Addison and several others. The song's message about self love is cute but maaaan these lyrics are the bad kind of basic. "My heels so high, might get a nosebleed"? Benny Blanco, how dare you.

The video is super dance heavy and trying to give pop diva energy which awkwardly pairs with Addison's soft vocals. I'm not trashing her at all. The energy just isn't there for me. If lil Addy wants to be that kind of pop star, she has to embody it and convince us she really is that bad bleep.

The song is getting mixed reactions. Most of the negative reactions are tired of Tik Tokers like Nessa and Lil Huddy getting into music.