The Best Regional Fast Food Chain In Texas

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Prepare your taste buds for a delicious road trip across America as Mashed unveils the best regional fast food chain in every state. From iconic burgers to crave-worthy fried chicken, the food lovers site scoured the nation to bring you the ultimate guide to each state's beloved fast food gem.

Before we begin, what even is a regional fast food chain? Mashed breaks it down:

"In recent years, the restaurant industry has changed to referring to fast food places as quick-service restaurants (QSR), and the new-ish hybrid of fast food and casual-dining restaurants (like Applebee's) is called fast casual. Where the definitions blur is with regional fast food chains, meaning a QSR that usually started out in a particular state as a mom-and-pop shop and gained a devoted following thus enabling them to grow."

In Texas, the best regional fast food chain is (to no surprise) Whataburger. Here's what Mashed said to back up its decision:

Customization's the name of the game at Whataburger, where allegedly you can dress up their limited selection of burgers in thousands of ways. Whataburger is an obsession with Texans and was even dragged into a political brawl in 2018 (per El Paso Times). Whataburger's been around since 1950, and over the years, they've added a spicy chicken sandwich and a limited-time pico de gallo burger. Portions are large, and not everybody wants to feel weighed down, so there's also a lighter menu with items under 550 calories.

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