The Best Picnic Spot In Texas

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Grab your basket, pack your favorite snacks and get ready to discover a hidden gem for your next outdoor feast. From picturesque lakeside retreats to enchanting parks nestled amidst towering mountains, Taste of Home scouted the top picnic destinations in every state.

"Where do the most memorable meals take place? Often on benches, blankets and basic ol’ grass. That’s especially true when waterfalls, sand dunes and the occasional castle are within view, as is the case in this roundup of the best picnic spot in every state," the magazine said about its list.

In Texas, the best picnic spot is along the San Marcos River in San Marcos. Here's what Taste of Home said to back up its decision:

Take your lunch in a tube along the scenic San Marcos River. Floating adventures may be arranged through outfitters like Texas State Tubes, who can take care of transportation and provide your personal tube, plus a cooler and cooler tube. The only challenge is seeing how long you can last without shouting “tubular!” throughout the day.

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