An Entire Texas Ghost Town (That's Not Even On A Map) Is For Sale

Photo: Getty Images

If you have $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket and the desire to own an entire town, listen up — Lobo, a ghost town in West Texas, just hit the market!

Lobo is located just north of Valentine and about 30 miles from the Mexican border. It was abandoned in 1991, but has been used since then for music festivals and other events, KHOU reports. Lobo is currently owned by a group of friends from Germany who use the area for art events and film festivals. Among the buildings and structures in Lobo are a gas station/restaurant/saloon, motel, grocery store/post office and houses — albeit all abandoned.

"We are too old now to continue our efforts to maintain the buildings and the 10 acres of land and would like to sell Lobo to someone who appreciates the special character of 'our' little Ghost Town," the German friends wrote on the town's for-sale site.

Another selling point for Lobo? Its proximity to Area 51 in Nevada, Roswell in New Mexico and the Mysterious Lights in Marfa, which are perfect for any alien or UFO enthusiast.

Check out more information about Lobo.

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