Taylor Swift Snubbed By Oscars & Fans Are Not Happy

Photo: Getty Images

The moment Oscar nominations came out Tuesday (January 24), thousands and thousands of Taylor Swift fans checked the list were shocked at the news.

Swift was snubbed in the Best Original Song category for "Carolina" in Where The Crawdads Sing. Her 15-minute All Too Well short film was also left off the nominations list, as was her role in Amsterdam.

"Carolina" was, in fact, considered by the Academy and made the short list of the 15 songs considered for the category, but ultimately didn't make the cut, Elle reports. Lady Gaga and Rihanna did, however, earn nominations in this category for Top Gun: Maverick's "Hold My Hand" and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's "Lift Me Up," respectively.

"She was robbed!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Stunning track. Beyond surprised that this tune was snubbed at The Oscars," another Twitter user wrote.

Swift's Oscars hopes haven't been put to bed yet, though! The "Lavender Haze" singer has written an original script and is set to direct her first feature-length film being produced by Searchlight Pictures.

"I always wanted to tell stories. I have always written stories, poetry, songs. And I think this just grew out of that storytelling. And the more I did it, the more I loved it," she said.

See fan reactions to the Oscars snubbing Taylor Swift below:

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