If We All Get This $250 Shield We Could End Pandemic

Anybody else SICK of this Pandemic crap?! If we all owned this $250 shield from VYZER Technologies, we could effectively eliminate the virus! Plus we'd look pretty cool doing it. I'd honestly feel like an astronaut.

The CDC has said if we all wear face masks we could completely stop the spread in 6 weeks! I'm thinking this would take us to another level.

VYZER is apparently working with some concert venues saying this is what it would take to get us back to live music, and it would be included in your ticket price. So does that mean we get to take it home, cause I'm not wearing somebody else's spacesuit. Kind of defeats the purpose right? Regardless I think I'm gonna get one.

But since we can't even get people to wear their mask over their nose, fat chance of them putting this on. :/

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