Mark Wahlberg Says He's 'Allergic To Almost Everything' After Allergy Test

Mark Wahlberg has received his results from an allergy test and, turns out, the actor is allergic to almost everything.

On Monday (June 29), the Hollywood titan, 49, took to Instagram to share a photo of his back with raised bumps after an allergy scratch test. The evaluation is meant to determine immediate allergic reactions to multiple substances at once. "It only took me 49 years to realize I'm allergic to almost everything," he captioned the shot with a sick face emoji.

Over in the comment section, many famous faces were quick to make some playful jabs. While Mario Lopez replied with a one-word comment ("Same"), Chris Patt wrote, "I’m no doctor, but based on the inflammation near the puncture marks it looks like you’re allergic to getting poked by needles."

Earlier this week, Wahlberg also revealed that he's heading back to the gym after taking a hiatus from the F45 fitness franchise amid COVID-19. Wahlberg is an investor in the fitness company, which kicked off in Australia and now houses 1,000 locations across the globe. "Can you tell how excited #big ace productions and I are to be back at F45?! Team training, life changing! Greatest work out on the planet," Wahlberg captioned a clip of himself at the studio.

Photo: Getty Images