Facetime First Dates A Thing During Pandemic

Nervous Dating

Nervous Dating

Let's be real...first dates are ALWAYS awkward, that's why some singles have turned to FaceTime First Dates during the current Coronavirus Pandemic! BRILLIANT!

Loads of singles are passing the time in quarantine by asking people out via FaceTime. They agree on a time, order each other dinner on Favor (or another app), and then eat dinner together while getting to know one another! Some are saying based on the dinner they ordered they know if they're meant to be together. For example, if you ordered tacos and included ketchup packets - probably a no go in SA.

Lots of benefits to this type of dating! Think about it...no pressure for a goodnight kiss, you can leave whenever you want - and you don't have to shave your legs. Bad part, you can't lie and say you're busy.

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