Migos & Drake Made A Song Each Day They Were On Tour: 'That’s 56 Songs'




Migos and Drake clearly love what they do because even when they weren't on a stage for their "Aubrey & Three Migos" Tour this summer, they were working on new music literally each and every day. 

"We did 56 show dates. Every day, we made a song. So that’s 56 songs," Quavo recently told Complex.  Adding, "[Drake's] just my dog man, that’s just my dog. Any time we see him, we make magical moments." (Understatement!) As fans know, Quavo previously teased the idea of doing a joint album with Champagne Papi. Back in October, while appearing in GQ's "Actually Me" series, the "WORKIN ME" rapper strongly hinted that Migos and Drake would drop a mixtape after they wrapped their "Aubrey & The Three Migos" tour.

"Quick thought but what if Migos and Drake dropped a collab mixtape after the tour?" a fan asked on Twitter, to which Quavo replied, "You must be a psychic. If that don't tell you something, I don't know what to tell you." The "Lamb Talk" rapper later elaborated on his comment in a separate GQ interview, describing what the joint project would sound like if the collab were to happen. "That will be a whole lotta bangers," he admitted. "I don’t even think we would play around and do regular music. We wouldn’t play. We will be just like a whole smash...because that’s how our tour is. It’s a club, from start to finish. It’s crazy." 

During his recent interview with Complex, Quavo also spoke about what's coming in the near future for Migos. Despite telling the Associated Press in October that the group is planning to release their next album, Culture III, "at the top of 2019," he retracted that statement, saying, "Whoever I told that to, tell them I was capping (joking)." 

Photo: Getty Images