Kim Kardashian Posts Her Naked Body To Promote New Perfume

Along with being reality stars, the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family also have their hands in many other businesses. For Kim, one of her brands is her line of fragrances. A couple months ago, she put out a Valentine's Day-inspired collection called Candy Hearts and now, she's prepping another fragrance, and she's found a very unique way to let fans know about it - by posting photos of her naked body. 

While some people might find the pics a little inappropriate, they are actually very relevant because the fragrance is called KKW Body and it was inspired by, what else, Kim's body.  

She posted two photos on Twitter, one of her upper body, with a strategically-placed arm, and one of her lower body, which shows almost everything.  


A few days ago, Kim promoted the line with more nudity - only then it was created with sand on a beach.


The line is set to launch on Monday, and Kim has been answering questions about it on Twitter, revealing that while it isn't unisex, she is working on one that is. Also, the scent will be standalone and not part of a trio. 


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