iHeartRadio Partners with David's Legacy Foundation

DLF launches anti-cyberbullying pledge campaign for teens

Initiative partners with teenagers and celebrities to pledge never to use technology as a weapon 

(SAN ANTONIO) — David’s Legacy Foundation, in partnership with iHeartMedia Austin and iHeartMedia San Antonio, announced the launch of a new program to combat cyberbullying among teenagers. The David’s Law Anti-Cyberbullying Pledge, designed by Left Right Media, provides a variety of public platforms for young people to take a stand against cyberbullying and pledge never to use their digital devices as weapons.

To visually represent their commitment to never cyberbully, supporters will place David’s Law Pledge stickers on cell phones, computers and other communication devices to serve as a statement and reminder that the device will never be used as a weapon. The David’s Law Pledge logo, which features a text bubble with red ellipsis dots, represents the anticipation of receiving a message: the dangerous moment when an individual behind a device decides whether to become a cyberbully by sending a harmful message or to rise above destructive online behavior and show compassion to his or her peers. Those who take the pledge are encouraged to share a photo or statement on social media channels using #DavidsLaw.

Named after David’s Law (SB 179), which was signed in June after Texas’s 85th legislature to combat cyberbullying, the David’s Law Pledge allows children to take ownership of their online identities by promising that they will not cause harm to their peers through bullying – especially through digital channels or devices.

David’s Legacy Foundation invites teens, schools, families and all Texas citizens to proclaim support of uplifting social character and a commitment not to bully one another by taking the David’s Law Pledge: I pledge to never use my device as a weapon.

Supporters who take the anti-cyberbullying pledge may request David’s Law Pledge stickers, free of charge, from David’s Legacy Foundation by emailing info@davidslegacy.org. These stickers will also be distributed in schools and at student events by David’s Legacy Foundation.

“The David’s Law Pledge is an exciting new initiative for David’s Legacy Foundation,” said Matt Molak, David Molak’s father and co-founder of David’s Legacy Foundation. “Now that David’s Law is in place to protect children from cyber-assisted bullying, we are fully focused on reaching today’s kids in a tangible and relatable way. We want teenagers to feel empowered to truly make a difference on the digital channels that are so closely integrated into their everyday lives. We hope to help kids become ambassadors for kindness—lifting one another up and never using their digital devices for harm.”

As part of the partnership with David’s Legacy Foundation, iHeartMedia’s Austin and San Antonio radio station brands will air public service announcements encouraging listeners to support the cause. On-air personalities from the two markets will use their social media platforms to ask their followers to take a pledge against cyberbullying. In addition, David’s Law Pledge stickers will be distributed at local iHeartMedia community events and concerts. 

“The David Molak story and the passage of David’s Law in Texas inspired our local teams to get involved by leveraging our radio, digital, social platforms and event teams to join in the efforts to end cyberbullying,” said Matt Martin, President for iHeartMedia Austin and iHeartMedia San Antonio. “We are honored to partner with David’s Legacy Foundation to help spread the message among students and their families that is never OK to bully or to use electronic devices to cyberbully.”

This initiative is part of a collaborative effort among industry partners including Left Right Media, the DeBerry Group and Tradecraft to further the David’s Legacy Foundation message and end cyberbullying for Texas teens.


About David’s Legacy Foundation

David’s Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending cyber-assisted bullying by educating communities about the harmful effects of cyber abuse, providing support for bullying victims, promoting

kindness, and supporting legislation that prohibits the cyberbullying of minors. For more information, visit www.davidslegacy.org and www.facebook.com/davidslegacyfoundation.

About David’s Law

On Friday, June 9, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB 179 into law. This legislation, commonly known as David’s Law, is named in honor of 16-year-old David Molak from San Antonio, who tragically took his own life after extensive cyber-assisted bullying in January of 2016. Effective Sept. 1, 2017, David’s Law addresses the need for Texas laws to keep pace with evolving technology. It requires school districts to include cyberbullying in their district bullying policies and notify a child’s parents if he or she is a victim or alleged aggressor of bullying. The law allows schools to combat and prevent cyberbullying by investigating off campus cyber-assisted bullying if it materially affects the school environment. It provides for schools to collaborate with law enforcement when serious or life-threatening cyberbullying situations arise. In recognition of bullying as a mental health issue, David’s Law encourages schools to invest in counseling and rehabilitation services for both victims and aggressors of bullying.

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