Summertime in San Antonio

Flip flops and floaties and tan lines, oh my! Get your short shorts out and your pool party playlist ready because ladies and gentlemen SUMMER 2017 is finally here! (I can practically feel the ocean breeze just THINKING about summer and sun and all things hooooot at my cubicle!)

So- you’re out of school (or your kids are out of school), your work load is lightening up, vacation is near: what are you going to do next? Friends, gather round- I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve that’ll help make this summer the best one yet, but this week, we are going to start with the basics –not that you need lessons in SA Summer 101 but perhaps you can use me as a foundation to fuel your summer fire.

*happy dance*

God Bless Texas y’all.

To the graduating high school seniors-congratulations, get on your way to making this world a better place. To the graduating college seniors-welcome to the team. It’s an amazing world out there filled with great big beautiful tomorrow’s and an army of people to guide you through this journey called life. Learn from your mistakes, be patient, put in the work and always stay humble and kind. 

To the rest of you-you may be thinking: ‘just because other people’s schedules slow down doesn’t mean mine does’-in fact, with summer break comes more work, more meetings, more family gatherings and if we’re being honest-more sweat. Ha. So let’s not pretend the world pauses just because it’s hot outside; quite the contrary, but perhaps we can shine brighter these next couple of months while the weather does.

Whether you’re friends with the sun or flee as far from it as possible, you have to admit-some special memories are made throughout the magical season that is summer. Let’s reminisce for a second: You’re in 8th grade and you FINALLY walk out the doors of middle school for the LAST time-you throw up your binder full of papers in the air *just like in the movies* (but quickly pick them up because life is not a movie and littering is illegal) and run out to freedom. You’re sixteen and start your first job EVER at the local water park; you and your summer fling spend the next three months in complete bliss and you blink and years go by and you’re married to your crush all because of that summer. Or you’re ‘standin’ on your mama’s porch’ back in the summer of ’69 playing your ‘first real six-string.’ 

You have to admit, life is good in the summer. 

So what are your plans? What’s on your bucket list? Where are you going? What’s stopping you?! Are you heading off to college? Moving into the dorms? Going Greek?

A few things to ponder on…but ONE thing you DON’T have to think about are your plans this weekend!

That’s right-What better way to kick off the beginning of summer than to go relive the biggest event in high school at Mix Prom Night Do-over Party this weekend while benefiting Susan G. Komen?! Come out and get down on it -MARDI GRAS style- for a great purpose with your lover, your BFF-heck even your mom and dad because Mix Prom is a night for everyone young at heart! As Elle Woods would put it ‘this is going to be just like senior year except for funner!’

Whichever senior you may be, there’s never a wrong time or age to pursue new adventures, new goals and new hobbies! Summertime is all about new beginnings, it’s a season to unwind, relax knee deep in the water somewhere and reflect. Many people reset in the New Year, but for me, summer is when I can take a step back and meditate on the next half of the year, both in my personal and professional life. I like to make a list, journal, talk to my parents and best friends and listen to their advice, I pray and I sing and dance and let out a few stresses that Q1 and Q2 put on my shoulders.

Regrouping is healthy friends.

So write things down! Invest in yourself, your future, your family. Take a minute-maybe even five minutes-HECK, let’s get crazy and take an hour a day to be still; you deserve it. Don’t live in mañana town, start today, and make it fun! I’ve found some lists that include free, cheap and achievable activities that’ll be sure to allow you, your family and your friends to come together for yet another summer you’ll never forget here, here and here.

But before you get on your way-Let’s keep it real for a (San Antonio) hot second and talk about what we REALLY need to take seriously over the summer: our skin. Not only is everything bigger in Texas but it seems as though everything is HOTTER in Texas. Although I LOVE having sun kissed skin so hot it’ll melt your Popsicle, I’m not trying to look like this lady. I’ll pass- the fewer wrinkles the better and that starts with protecting your skin from those ever beloved Texas UV rays. Not trying to sound like your Health Ed teacher in junior high…but chances are, you're going to have some fun in the sun down here in SA so lather up. Don’t get me wrong, Vitamin D is good but it’s an even better cocktail with SPF 80.

Speaking of cocktails- double the coverage and drink one with Dr. Whitney Bowe’s ‘SPF menu’ that include antioxidants, probiotics, supplements and get this-dark chocolate. Simple rule of thumb: load up your plate with deeply colored fruits and vegetables like blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, spinach and green tea. Want to know more? Watch the FULL VIDEO here. Although there's no substitute for sunscreen, this is a proactive way to protect your skin from the inside out!  

To recap: go to Mix Prom, make a six month outlook for the rest of 2017, sunscreen up and say hello to summertime and the living’s easy.

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